Luxury Large Horn Shoe Horn
Luxury Large Horn Shoe Horn
Palazzo Viola

Luxury Large Horn Shoe Horn

The classic handmade Horn shoe horn


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Product details




  • 100% Handmade in Italy
  • Made by hand in Tuscany
  • Made from 100% natural ox horn
  • Size: 45 cm

The Natural Oxhorn Shoehorn

A natural ox-horn shoe horn, hand formed and polished in Florence, Tuscany, using techniques and processes that have barely changed for centuries. Cut along the grain of the horn for strength, and subject to natural variations in colour ranging from almost white, through translucent ambers, sienna browns, to near black.

The History of perfection

Over the years, the Viola Milano company has expanded its selection of materials. In addition to silver, which was prevalent in its early collections and still maintains an important role, natural elements and unusual materials have been added: gemstones, horns, sea urchins, minerals, fossils, coral, madrepora, and precious woods. Combined with a precious pedestal they become the focal point of an entire room. In other cases, they are inserted into more complex and articulated processes, through the use of various types of metals, which lead to the creation of new and original furnishing accessories. Veritable “objects of wonder” that manage to strike and amaze, excite and arouse memories of far off places, seen or even imagined.

The Creation

Unique objects that combine the beauty of nature with the artisan ability of enhancing its every detail, using new and ancient techniques. These are the collections created at the Viola Milano workshop in Toscany, in the Florentine hillside.

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