We always work to make your shopping experience as smooth and pleasurable as possible, and therefore we are always at your disposal whatever your question may be. Most issues can be resolved by browsing through our customer service section, but if you can’t find what you are looking for you can always contact us at: info@violamilano.com

How do I care of my ties?

Besides making sure not to get any of that delicious pasta sauce on your tie, there are a few basics to proper tie care. Firstly, be gentle when untying your tie, yanking and pulling puts you at risk of tearing stitching and interlining apart, essentially ruining the tie. After carefully removing the tie, we suggest you either store it flat or rolled up. We advise against hanging your ties, as they might stretch and loose their shape if left hanging for long periods of time.

Are there any rules as to matching my tie with my pocket square?

We strongly to advise to match your pocket square with the body color of the tie but never the same pattern & color for tie and pocket square.

Which knots could you recommend?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to tie knots. Whether you prefer a windsor, pratt or four in hand is entirely up to you. As long as you stay away from those hideous Eldredge knots. We at Viola Milano prefer to tie our ties in a single or double four in hand. It is a simple, but very elegant knot that is suitable for almost every occasion and outfit.

How long should my tie be?

As always, there is no universal law governing the ideal tie length for each and every occasion. However, we think that aiming to put the tip of the tie at the same height as your trouser waist is a good guideline that will never look bad. Don’t worry if the two points of the tie are at the same height, too much symmetry will make you look like a government official instead of the stylish gentleman that you are.

I see ties offered in a variety of widths. What is best?

As with most matters in style and fashion, this is a matter of taste and current trends. Through the years everything from the skinny ties of the 60’s, to the 12 cm wide kipper ties of the 70’s have been all the rage. What is always true however, is the importance of proportion. If you are a tall and slim man, wearing a jacket with slim lapels, a 9 cm tie would look very out of place. The same tie paired with a neapolitan jacket with wide and bowing lapels would most likely look stunning.

What happens if the item I’ve ordered is not in stock?

Rarely but unfortunately we do run out of stock. When this happens you will be contacted immediately and offered a full refund or a similarly-priced alternative.

What is normal delivery for bespoke/MTO product?

Normal delivery for bespoke ties/shirt/shoes is 4-6 weeks. Delivery can be less then 1 week if fabric/material is ready in stock. If you have any special date for delivery – please request before order date.

If you order in the period of (before or during) 1-31 August and 18-31 December – those days/dates will be deducted from the delivery time.

How do I order online?

It’s very easy – browse through our collections, and once you have seen an item you like, simply click the “Add to cart” button and the item will be added to your shopping bag. Viola Milano’s shopping bag allows you to add or remove items you have selected. The shopping bag will automatically calculate the price of your order and applicable shipping charges

Do I need an account to place an order?

You don’t need an account to complete a purchase. However, if you register with us and you will be able to enjoy the following benefits through your Viola Milano account:

– Request your return or exchange directly from your account
– Be notified when new stock arrives
– Save your address and card details for faster shopping
– Manage your account details, order history and email preferences and see order status.

Do I get any additional costs as non-EU customer?

When you choose the option Mail Box Italia as shipping partner – we use Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT depending on international location.

To prevent any customs charges being added, please choose normal economic shipment via TNT.

Post office boxes and freight forwarding?

Please note that we are unable to deliver to Post Office boxes, apart from in the following countries: Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. We do not deliver to forwarding addresses, which includes Aramex addresses.

I haven’t received an email with my tracking number yet.

Because we send a large amount of emails to customers, there is a high chance that the emails we send you may be accidentally identified and listed as junk/spam by email filters – to ensure this does not happen, please add info@violamilano.com to your address book. If you do find our email in your junk/spam folder, please make sure to mark it as “Not Junk or Spam” to prevent this issue from reoccurring.

Can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive email confirmation of your shipping details and a tracking number. You can also use this page to track your order when the order has been shipped or go directly tour tracking page here

How much will my shipping charges be?

We have two global shipping options.

1. TNT/Fedex Parcel is standard for all European Union countries and United Kingdom. Delivery time is between 1-10 working days – depending on your choice of shipping method.

2. DHL/Fedex/UPS Express is standard for Norway, Switzerland, North & South America, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

We ship normally within 1-3 days worldwide and price is depending on shipping destination.

Estimated delivery frames


Asia & Australia: 3-5 working days
Europe: 1-3 days (depends on express or economy)
USA / Canada: 2-5 working days
South America: 2-5 working days


Asia & Australia: 5-15 working days
Europe: 5-10 working days (depends on UPS or DHL)
USA / Canada: 4-10 working days
South America: 5-15 working days

If you have any special requests or urgent occasions – you can always contact our customer service and we can arrange over night delivery. info@violamilano.com

Do you ship to Russia?

Yes, we ship to Russia.

Due to issues with the Russian customs we are unable to use our express service.

We can only ship with our local post service. Delivery time is between 14-21 working days. By chance any further delays, we advise you to contact us at info@violamilano.com.

Which countries does Viola Milano ship to?

Viola Milano ships worldwide.

Company info for returns

Mnswr Group Srl
Piazza Mazzini 72
73100 Lecce

Iva:  05111420757

Email: info@violamilano.com

How can I get my refund?

Once we have received your package back and all items is in their original condition – you receive your refund within 15 working days MAX.

We process all refunds through our payment provider named “mollie” and they process all refunds via AMEX, Banks, Paypal etc.

Paypal can take between 5-15 days.

Normal bank & Amex transactions takes normally 2-8 working days.

IMPORTANT INFO: We do not process any refunds until we have received the package back to us with all it’s original items contained.

SALE / Discounted Items

We do not accept refunds on SALE/discounted items due to last exclusive stock – we can not sell them again or put them back in stock.

Bespoke orders

Your bespoke order is a customised product which is made to order for each individual. Therefore we can’t sell the product to anyone else, which means a return is not possible/accepted.

Claims / Faulty products

If you receive a damaged or otherwise faulty product you are entitled to exchange the product for a similar one or if no longer available receive a refund for the cost of your purchase. All claims will be processed within 14 days of receiving the faulty product.


1. Place the item(s) in the original shipping box, or any other solid carton box.
2. Specify with a very clear note inside the package with “Return for Refund” or “Return for Exchange”.
3. Write a note to us about which size/colour/model you’d like to change to or if you want a refund.
4. Place the note inside the package.
5. Close the box and tape it securely.
6. Send it back to:

Send email to info@violamilano.com – Either Milano or Puglia Address.

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