Interview with Dominic Bergamin

“Hello, my name is Dominic Bergamin. I am 35 and originally from Switzerland. Currently I am living inside the Vatican, in the eternal city of Rome.”

How would you describe your own style?

I think I have a very classic style – elegant with a healthy Italian influence.

What is your earliest memory related to menswear and style?

I immediately think of my grandfather, he always had this effortlessly cool look, similar to the the iconic Gianni Agnelli.

You have become known through social media as a true cigar aficionado and well dressed man about town on the streets of Rome. How did your interest in menswear develop and how did you first enter into the world of cigars?

I found my way into the cigar world about five years ago. Back then my fiancé (now my wife) had this huge humidor at home from her trip to Cuba. What a shame I thought that it’s empty, time to fill it up with some nice Cuban cigars! And so I started. I didn’t have much knowledge but I was curious to dive into this unique and interesting world. It’s like with most hobbies, once you start you get hooked and addicted to growing your collection.

Regarding my interest in men’s fashion, at cigar events I often met well-dressed gentlemen. So basically my cigar habit brought me to focus more and more on menswear. I admired some of the styles I saw and so, like I started with the cigars, I did research and followed some men’s style influencers. I’m spoilt living in Rome with such an elegant range of ready to wear and fabulous tailors for made to measure. I really enjoy dressing well.


What inspires you / How do you find inspiration?
IG for this matter is amazing. There are so many classic style influencers on Instagram from whom I can draw inspiration. I also keenly follow sites like mnswrmagazine, the rake or wmbrownproject.

If you had to name one person that has had the most influence on your style, who would that be?
My tailor Antonio Caiazza here in Rome inspires me the most. He is a very young yet accomplished tailor who trained under the greats! He creates his own youthful, Italian sartorial look using all the classic superb quality fabrics.

How would you describe the Italian menswear scene?
The Italian scene has away been a great influence in the sartorial world. You can see that, for example, at ‘Pittiuomo’, the highly coveted men’s fashion event in Florence that grows every year. We are also currently experiencing a generational shift, renowned tailors are slowly handing their businesses down to the younger generation. This gives them the opportunity to create their own style, and produce their own characteristic pieces.


How do you evaluate the Italian market in terms of sartorial menswear? Are there any trends?
It’s difficult to call something a “trend” in the sartorial world because in a way everything was already here at one stage. Some items are just becoming popular again after a certain period of time. Recently I have seen a lot of gurkha pants and safari jackets in a variety of fabrics. I’m a big fan of both these items and think they should form part of every man’s wardrobe.

Tell us a bit about your instagram account. How did you become big on instagram and how do you find inspiration to your posts and stories?
To be honest I don’t know how it took off and started to grow. I’d like to think it’s the well-photographed mix of high quality cigars, men’s style, travel, food and drinks. In other words – “la bella vita”. I’ve always kept true to my style and tried, at least in my eyes, to take the best picture possible. I believe people appreciate that. I let myself be inspired by many things, not only on IG but also what I see while I’m traveling and at home in Rome. I love to enjoy life, and watch and learn from experts in their fields – such as artists, artisan designers and manufacturers, stylists and chefs – learning about the best in other sectors and other cultures is very important for me.


Do you have any tips or secrets to share for someone who want to grow on social media via instagram?
Be yourself and have your own style. Be original and unpredictable. Don’t copy someone else but do your own thing. Let passion be your best motivator, enjoy the process of making content and don’t force yourself or try too hard. I also try to be an “influencer” that can be followed, someone authentic. In the end you can’t please everyone, so it’s important that you are happy with yourself.

As an avid enthusiast of cigars and dinning, what are your suggestions and advice for someone looking for a weekend in Rome?
If you stay here only a couple of days I highly recommend you to go to eat at either “Hosteria da Pietro”, “Dal Bolognese” or “Trattoria Trilussa”. If you are a fish and seafood lover then go to “Pierluigi” or “Assunta Madre”. Make sure you book in advance. To buy cigars you should check out Fincato LCDH and Tabaccheria Sansone.

What is your favourite spot for a cigar or drink?
I have a couple of spots that I go to frequently. The first is the elegant garden courtyard of the Hotel de Russie near Piazza del Popolo. If I want to be inside, I go to the cigar lounge at Hotel De’Ricci in Via Giulia.


Dominik's Favorite Items

What is your number one suggestion to men that want to learn how to dress better?
First, don’t be afraid. Don’t hesitate to wear something that makes you feel good and improves your self esteem.
Try to find a tailor in your city that suits you and develop a relationship with him and his craft. Be curious to try new styles, fabrics and colours. There are more colors out there than navy blue. And if some people tell you that you look overdressed, ignore them politely.

Can you mention any essentials in your wardrobe for fall/winter 2019?

As soon as it gets chilly during the evenings, I will start to wear my Atacama Safari Jacket. Mine is personalized with silk inner lining but they have also a cashmere option, perfect for very cold winter days.
Rainy days call for my Barbour Jacket and tweed suits.
This year I would like to update my wardrobe with a duffel coat. I just saw a striking piece from Burberry’s upcoming collection.


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