“The elegance, the care and quality of the garments in the past were so much more sophisticated than what it is today. This is where I find my personal style” – Wilhelm Strängh


Who are you?
My name is Wilhelm (evebody calls me Will). Im a menswear writer, brand reviewer and sartorial nuckelhead.

How would you describe your own style?

If I had to explain my style, I would say it is classic and timeless with a modern touch of casual elegance.  It is a mouth full but it works.

What is your earliest memory related to menswear and style?
My first memory of menswear was my father. He would always look so elegant when going to work. Always in a suit and tie, polished shoes and a crisp white shirt. Very simple if you would ask me now but very elegant indeed. On the weekends, a pair of chinos or jeans with loafers and a sports coat. Is motto is “ you never know who you might meet during the day. Best be ready for anything.”

You have become knows through social media as a true menswear afriando.  How did you start your interests in menswear and how did you first enter into the world of menswear & tailoring?

Thank you for the kind words. I hope I can live up to that standard.  In the beginning, my style and interests were a bit… lets say, alternative. I would go through phases such as a skateboarder, “50 cent style” (even wore a beanie). Sooner or later it got more normal and jeans and t-shirt, leather jacket was a standard choice.  It wasn’t until my boarding school days where a suit and tweed jacket were mandatory, that my personal style evolved to what it was today. Due to my physique and rugby days, normal RTW was not an option for me. It just wouldn’t fit they way I wanted it to. So tailoring became my personal quest to proper fit. Today, Im lucky enough to have tried, failed and succeeded in what I personally deem appropriate for my style and proportions.


As an avid enthusiast of menswear & tailoring, what are your suggestions and advice for someone looking for investing in a first bespoke or MTM tailoring?

To me, MTM is the next step up from ready to wear. As there are so many out there, make sure to do a bit of research. From experience, I can tell you that prices can vary but the manufacturer is often the same one. Therefore, find out for yourself what kind of price point you are looking to invest in and then trust the process.

If you go bespoke, same as with MTM, do you homework. There are so many tailors out there, each with their own design and fit. Here, it is important that you can relate to the product. Getting to know you tailor is a big part of that process. Once you get to know him/her, the process is less intimidating and can even be fun. Bespoke is something each man has to find out for himself. Quality is way higher and therefore the price too. It is an investment. I for example, have found out for myself that, by investing in a good bespoke suit makes many RTW garments obsolete. The durability due to it being hand made, will really last you a lifetime if you take care of it.


What is your number one suggestion to men that want to learn how to dress better?

Get inspired. Follow people who’s style you like. Ask questions and last but not least, trial and error. Only with trial and error will you find your own personal style and taste.

In terms of menswear, Can you mention any essentials in your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter 19?

I can. Im currently a big fan of earth colors. Currently in my wardrobe I have a beautiful green donegal jacket. Ive worn it last year and it seems like, it will go strong this year too. I also am looking to receive a houndstooth jacket which I plan to wear a lot this season.

Wilhelm's Favorites


What was it about Viola Milano that initially caught the attention of Wilhelm Strängh?

The quality and style. My first encounter with the brand was at their very beginnings when they sold bracelets too. Even then, the quality was insane for a rtw brand. I still have the bracelet today.

Which construction in terms of ties is your favorite?

I always found less to be more. I personally am not a big fan of sevenfold ties as they often get very junky. For me a good 3 – 5 fold tie will join the favorites list quicker.

Which Viola Milano product is your favourite? If you select 4 essential items – what would that be?

My favorite would be the suit fabric ties. I love the idea of it.

If I could choose 4, it would be a knitted tie in burgundy red, a dark blue striped garsa grossa, vintage madder in dark green, and a lighter colored patterned 100% silk tie or a shantung tie.

Interview Made by Tom Nathaniel


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