Interview – A chat with Giorgio Giangiulio

"The most beautiful fact about my fashion journey is that I never stop learning and improving, because at the end of the day our style is a language that says so much about us without words."

Tell us about yourself. Who are you? What is your background in the field of menswear and how did you start?

This question always brings a smile to my face. I think I was born with this passion, it’s something I have always had in me. I’ve got some photos from when I was four-years-old, wearing a blue blazer, shirt and a tie. I remember feeling totally in the zone and comfortable and I liked the way people were looking at me – impressed by so much care in the details at such a young age. Things didn’t really change 30 years later!

Over the last three decades I have learned a lot. I am inspired by many mentors and I have created my own style. The most beautiful fact about my fashion journey is that I never stop learning and improving, because at the end of the day our style is a language that says so much about us without words. Transforming my passion into a profession was something totally unexpected. Before, my friends used to come to me for fashion advice, now the audience is much bigger thanks to social media but the meaning is still the same.

You have been well known through social media with your bespoke game & beautiful Italian sartorial style – how do you find inspiration in the way you dress?

Basically I look back living here and now. In the last century we had the most elegant icon which will continue to inspire generations.

I always love to study and do research. In addition to a personal vintage garments collection, I own a library with huge collections of style magazines and books for ‘20 to ‘90.

My favorite eras are ‘70s and ‘80s and very often I take inspiration from those years without being gloomy or conservative.

Except rare cases, I find pathetic young men who looks like they just got off from the time machine. We must always look forward.

Instead I love aged men who wear their old suit preserved over the years! They are a great inspiration for me.

What is your earliest memory related to menswear and style?

Definitely my father and my grandfather. Thanks to them I learned the importance of being well dressed and taking care of one’s appearance.

When I was kid I had fun playing with their ties and put on their jackets. Since those days I never stop playing.

What defines a real gentleman?

The definition of gentleman  has nothing to do with clothes. It is a mix of aspiration, sensibility, research of the beauty. You have to be yourself. It is a way to look at life and live it in your way, it is a journey. The art of dressing well, or style, during this journey is a naturally consequence, not the goal.

What’s your personal definition of elegance?

Elegance is harmony, discretion, balance. Elegance is something you can’t physically define or touch but, it is abstract but whoever is gifted with it, is gifted great charisma.

I consider it something mystical.

Your style shows a good balance between classic and contemporary. What are your top tips for men that would like to dress better & enter the game of bespoke & sartorial elegance?

I remember a jazz players says: To be a good musician you should deeply learn music theory for years and years. But when you start playing forget all and play.

Basically is the same with elegance. So the tips I can give is to learn the rules and create step by step your own style. Cause break the rules consciously is one the the key.

I receive a lot of message form the people around the world who tell me “Giorgio I wanna be like you!”

I gently answer: “Why you wanna be like me? You might be better.” So keep inspiration but always be yourself.

What is your signature style? What makes you unique or special in the way you dress?

Well… I consider my style a classic timeless Italian style. When I was younger I dared more matching colors, garish fabrics, ties, accessories, etc.

I felt the need to appear. Today is the opposite.

I reduced to essential my own style keeping true the mantra “less is more” always looking for harmony. On my path I understood that elegance of dressing must be together with a lot of simplicity, without which there is never true elegance. I think the relaxed fit is one of my trademark. Right proportion must be respected on behalf of a nonchalant elegance.

I’m a proud ambassador of Caraceni’s cut who’s the quintessence of the real Italian tailoring for almost one hundred years.


For those who plan to commission their first bespoke garment – what is your number one suggestion or advice?

Build your bespoke wardrobe starting with a blue or grey suit. But before that ask for advice to an expert to choose the right tailor. On Instagram you can find thousand tailors that claim handmade and bespoke. Unfortunately very often the reality is different.


What was your first bespoke commission and how did you build your wardrobe?

My first bespoke suit I suppose was a double breasted Solaro. So, as you can see on the previously question, I immediately make a mistake!

The next commissions were colored blazers, windowpane suits and tweed jackets. After that I realized I don’t have any classic blue or gray suit.

So I’d have the properly outfit for fox-hunting in UK but I had no formal suit for business meeting in Milano. Such an idiot! So trust me… Do as I say.

Don’t get carried away!

Giorgio's Favorite Viola Milano items

If you had to name one person that influenced your style the most, who would that be?

Very hard to choose. I should mention a long list! No doubt Marcello Mastroianni is on top of my list for who he represent as Italian in the world.

What is an essential wardrobe staple you always bring when traveling?

A blue blazer never fail. I think is the most versatile piece of menswear wardrobe. Wearing it on a grey pants, with white or stipend shirt and tie you looks properly for any formal occasion. But, instead, wearing it on a chinos or denim you looks casual with style.

What are your favorite fabrics?

I particularly like that fabrics I call manly. Carded flannels and tweeds for winter, Irish linen and 4 ply for spring.

How does social media impact your life and the way you dress and live?

I live social media as anti-hero. Sounds weird but I don’t care to be a famous influencer. I always feel embarrassed when people stop me on the street asking for a picture.

What I try to do is share my passions and my culture. I talk about Italy through my style. I’m proud to be Italian and I feel the responsibility to represent Made in Italy in the best way I can.

I’m putting myself and my public figur at the service of the tailors also for another part of the work that I define “offline”.  Which means organize trunk-shows or offer a consultancy service to the customer who, most of the time, wants to try the same tailoring that he discovered through my photos on Instagram;  but also to develop a targeted communication project that goes from the production of a photographic storytelling to the development of a social strategy, passing through the publication of articles in specialized magazines.  Ultimately, tailors cuts my bespoke suit, and I cut them a bespoke communication strategy. For sure social helped me to reach my goals and transform my passion into my work.

My life mechanisms has changed but basically I remained always the same as once with head in  the clouds and feet on the ground.

What is Made in Italy for you?

We Italian are so luck for a lot of reason. One of them is our “Made in”. Made in Italy doesn’t only mean high quality products, know-how and craftsmanship but also mean the dream.

The dream to be Italian! When you buy made Italy you’re also buying that dream, “La dolce vita”, the Italian flair. And it’s on that concept that we must always rest the pillars to communicate tailoring and, with it, everything that comes from our identity.

Your favorite items:

Watch: Rolex Daytona 116523

Jackets: Caraceni double breasted blazer

Shirt: Viola Milano

Tie: Vintage Dior from ‘80s & Viola Milano

Bag: Tusting

Shoes: Vintage Church’s from ‘90s

Fragrance: Clive Christian 1872

Accessories: Persol sunglasses

Your Favorites:

Shops: Brioni in Milano, Ralph Lauren in London

Restaurant: Reale by Niko Romito

Favorite Cities: My Abruzzo all around, Amalfi, Roma, London, Polignano

Holiday Choice: Costiera Amalfitana

Car: Porsche 911T

Motorcycle: Triumph Bonneville

Style Icon: Gianni Agnelli, Marcello Mastroianni, Ralph Lauren, Valentino Garavani, Pierce Brosnan, Giorgio Armani, Richard Gere, Stephan Winkelmann

Interview by Tom Nathaniel Eriksson Photos by Simone Panetta


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