Viola Milano

Viola Milano was founded in Milan, born to create and design the world’s most timeless, elegant and understated luxury collection of handmade men’s ties and accessories. A true love story based on passion, love and mastery brought Viola Milano in natural grown in to a total look and lifestyle brand.
By combining the best Italian craftsmanship, superb luxury fabrics, impeccable fit with a understated Italian cut, Viola Milano is today known as the "Rolls Royce" of Italian clothing & accessories.

Our Story

Viola Milano

We are proud about our dedication to quality and craftsmanship, and the recognition it has earned us in the international menswear community. At Viola Milano we believe that there is an inherent value in beauty itself, for no other purpose than to appreciate it.

We believe that the best, most satisfying way to do things is not necessarily the quickest or most convenient. Instead, we at Viola Milano have always strived to make products that reflect our ambition to create expertly crafted, handmade items for the sake of beauty itself. Caring to preserve Europe’s strong traditions of quality craftsmanship, we work with talented artisans in the United Kingdom and Italy.


Viola Milano came to be after a number of inspirational journeys through southern Europe and Italy in particular. We have have always loved beautiful clothing, shoes and of course accessories, and as long as we can remember, we have been exploring new ways of dressing, interesting materials, colours and textures.

Although we travelled the world in our search, we had trouble finding products that were just right, that were made without compromise. After years of not being entirely happy with what we could buy, we decided to create our own products that were one hundred percent the way we wanted them.

"I have a classic taste with a twist, because classic never goes away"


Viola Milano is responsible of bring timeless elegance & impeccable luxury craftsmanship to the modern gentleman worldwide.

Presented in over 250 shops in over 50 countries worldwide, Viola Milano is today the biggest Italian luxury accessories maker & lifestyle brand worldwide.

We find our inspiration in the culture and lifestyle of the classic Italian gentleman, which became a fantastic source of creativity that is the essence of all of our products. We are constantly amazed how the Italian man, in a nonchalant and bold way, can make something that for the rest of the world was previously unthinkable, look perfectly natural. We believe style and inspiration are highly personal and unique for each person.

Viola Milano gives men an opportunity to express their own uniqueness and personality with individual twists to their outfits, whether conservative or more adventurous.

The collections are based on iconic essential items that never change or get out of time. Every product category is shaped from iconic items that have been worn through generations, slightly modified for a modern and contemporary appeal. Our motto is, and will continue to bee: “Timeless elegance has no fear of time”, a statement that inspires all that we do as a company


To lead men worldwide to a more well-dressed and beautiful life, filled with colours and expressions in their own personal style.


Create exciting and inspirational collections that help men all around the world express and develop their personal style, in clothes and in life.


The Creative Process

The Idea


We at Viola Milano have always strived to create products that reflect our ambition to take expertly crafted, handmade products and make them for the elegant man of today. Caring to preserve Europe’s strong traditions of quality craftsmanship, we work with talented artisans in countries such as England, France and Italy. In addition to our own atelier, many of our suppliers are small family owned businesses that have been run by the same families since the start, passing on the craft from one generation to the next. Together with these remarkable individuals and companies, we have been able to create what we considered some of the world’s most expertly crafted products.

Our goal has never been to simply sell a product, instead we hope to offer you a first class ticket to a more elegant, beautiful world. A world where classic art and modern influences are mixed into an exciting blend of the ancient and of the present. Here the gentleman of the 21 st century can find inspiration in generations of craftsmanship. Wether it be in art, music, architecture or in the examples of men from days past, we can admire and be inspired by history.

Each and every one of our products are a result of the inspiration we find in this world. By working so closely with our talented craftsmen, we can make sure that the end result in every Viola Milano product is as perfect as the vision that inspired it. Our goal is to give you the feeling of belonging to this world, when you are wearing something from Viola Milano.

“Timeless Elegance Has No Fear Of Time.”


"Timeless Elegance Have No Fear Of Time."