Medallion Pattern 7-fold Untipped Woven Jacquard – Navy/Sea

Limited Label luxury woven 7-fold silk jacquard tie with handrolled edges.

Delivery: 6 weeks from order date

* Untipped 7-fold woven silk jacquard tie
* Width: 8 cm (≈3.15 inches)
* Length: 150 cm (≈59 inches)
* Construction: 7-fold Untipped

* Handrolled Blades
* Material: Silk Jacquard
* Handmade in Italy

Limited Label

Viola Milano Limited Label is our signature line of timeless luxury items inspired by the old school Milanese Look – Beautiful, Extremely rich and Exclusive . All items in the collection is presented in 2 shades of colours – bright & dark. The real Milanese gentlemen normally owns a large quantity of ties to be able to change it several times during the day, brighter and fuller colours in the morning and darker shades after the sunset.


Imagine your favourite unconstructed sport coat. It is light, comfortable and wears beautifully. It is sporty and casual, yet elegant and refined. Our untipped ties are just like that sport coat – By removing the tipping (the fabric used to line the backside of a tie) we achieve a beautiful, light drape that is ideal for a downplayed, elegant look.


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Limited Label

7-Fold Construction

A Viola Milano seven fold tie is a true testament to the skill possessed by the craftsmen in our laboratorio. In addition to requiring substantially more of our exclusive fabrics to make, the ancient seven fold construction requires time, patience and knowledge to fully master. The process results in a slightly asymmetrical knot that gives off a feeling of ’sprezzatura’ and subtle elegance that we at Viola Milano love.

Silk Jacquard

When Joseph-Marie Jacquard demonstrated his improved mechanical loom in 1801, he revolutionised weaving forever. His new design allowed for automated weaving of complex patterns, that give unparalleled complexity and character to fabrics. In order to create be most beautiful ties possible, we source our beautiful silk jacquard from the world’s finest mills in Italy and England.