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"While we do find man himself fascinating, a lot of our inspiration is not just gathered from men, but from their creations."

Style Icons


Although much of the inspiration that form the basis for our collections come from legendary style icons like Cary Grant, Clark Gable and of course the one and only Gianni Agnelli, we find most of our inspiration from contemporary gentlemen. Whether they are famous, or an elegant man having a coffee next to you in a café, we take note and try to. The strong sense of personal style and not just conforming to rules and trends but instead continuing to break new ground, and by doing so expressing yourself, that is what true style is all about.

While we do find man himself fascinating, a lot of our inspiration is not just gathered from men, but from their creations. By traveling and exploring the beauty of the world, our minds are broadened and gain new impressions that come together to create new ideas. Art and artistic expression in all forms, from renaissance paintings and architecture to modern day photography, help spark the imagination so necessary for the creative process.

We hope you want to join us in our journey to inspire and be inspired.

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"Style is a simple way of saying complicated things"

Friends & Customers

There is a lot of knowledge and wisdom in our community of elegant friends, experience and insight that we love to share with you. Here, we try to create an inspirational environment were our most beautifully dressed friends share their thoughts on classic men’s style and elegance in the 21st century.

Lifestyle & Tradition

Style is something that tell something about yourself and who you are.

A well-dressed sartorial lifestyle is not just about superficial pleasures, it is an indication that you care. Care about how you feel and how you are perceived, but also about quality and the importance of respecting tradition and the quality that is inherent in traditional craftsmanship. Furthermore, a classic sense of style is a sign of respect for those who came before us, an homage to what they have carefully developed over centuries.


"My use of language is part and parcel of my message" - The Van Gogh