Multi Floral Cube Self-Tip Silk Tie – Copper

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Printed Self-tip Silk tie

* Self-tipped silk tie
* Width: 8 cm (≈3.15 inches)
* Length: 150 cm (≈59 inches)
* Construction: 3-fold Self-tipped
* Material: 100% Silk
* Handmade in Italy


The tip is simply the fabric that is used to finish the backside of a tie. Even though this part of your tie is not usually visible, we use the same fabric for the tip as we do for the shell of the tie. This beautiful method is called self-tipping and, while more expensive to produce, creates a more beautiful tie that stands up to closer scrutiny without leaving you disappointed.


Chinese legend has it that silk was first discovered by the beautiful concubine Lei Zu. She was drinking tea in a garden when some wild cocoons dropped in her bowl. As she tried to remove them, she saw the fine strings of silk that seemed to go on forever. While we cannot for certain say who discovered silk, we can trace its use back to ancient China. Via the silk route the material reached Europe where it became a luxury worthy of royalty. The lustre and delicate feel of silk make them ideal for smart outfits in any season.




Self-Tipped, 3-fold




Cube, Floral, Micro Pattern


148 X 8 cm