Micro Pattern Untipped Silk Jacquard Tie – Navy/Blue

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Untipped 3-folded woven silk Jacquard

  • * Length: 150 cm
  • * Width: 8 cm
  • * Untipped – Handrolled Edges
  • *.Fold: 3-fold
    * Handmade in Italy.
  • * Woven in Como

Silk Jacquard

When Joseph-Marie Jacquard demonstrated his improved mechanical loom in 1801, he revolutionised weaving forever. His new design allowed for automated weaving of complex patterns, that give unparalleled complexity and character to fabrics. In order to create be most beautiful ties possible, we source our beautiful silk jacquard from the world’s finest mills in Italy and England.


Three Fold

When most people think about a tie, they are most likely imagining a classic 3-fold construction. While it is the simplest construction offered in our collections, it is by no means an inferior option. Creating a beautiful tie is all about balance, and many times the light and minimalistic 3-fold is the perfect choice. For instance, it is ideal for light summer ties or for heavier fabrics that would become too hefty with other constructions.


Silk, Jacquard


Handrolled Edges, 3-fold


Black, White


Micro Pattern


148 X 9 cm