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Sartorial Half-lined Limited Sports Club Blazer – Prince Of Wales


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Handmade jacket from our collection of fine tailoring.

Made entirely by hand to bespoke standards in our own small workshop in Naples, Italy.

    • Fit: Tailored
    • Craftsmanship: 60 hours of handwork by a bespoke tailor
    • Entirely made by hand, including sleeves, stitching, buttons & button holes.
    • Standard sizes available and adjustments or special orders can be made.
    • Fabric: 100% Wool Flannel by VBC
    • Real horn buttons
    • Patch pockets
    • Half lined
    • Soft Shoulder
    • 2,5 roll button
    • 10,5 cm Lapel

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Flannel, Wool



44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56

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Why & where should I wear it?

Super iconic prince of wales flannel blazer, recommended for unlined garments, such as blazers, in order for its properties to be highlighted. The quite rough aspect makes it the perfect choice if you are looking for a casual and incredibly crease-resistant outerwear.

Flannel Wool Fabric

The flannel stands out as a fabric with a twill weave, with a straight and a reverse, with a uniform and hairy surface, perfect to convey a feeling of warmth and softness. This fabric is created from special finishing treatments that are thefulling (a process that compacts the fabric after felting), the gauging (treatment to insulate the fabric thermally) and the combing (processing which consists in making the fibres parallel, transforming them into a ribbon).

This fabric appears for the first time in Wales in the seventh century, made from the use of wool as a raw material. Today there are flannels made from different types of materials, such as cotton and synthetic fibers.

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