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I see ties offered in a variety of widths. What is best?

As with most matters in style and fashion, this is a matter of taste and current trends. Through the years everything from the skinny ties of the 60’s, to the 12 cm wide kipper ties of the 70’s have been all the rage. What is always true however, is the importance of proportion. If you are a tall and slim man, wearing a jacket with slim lapels, a 9 cm tie would look very out of place. The same tie paired with a neapolitan jacket with wide and bowing lapels would most likely look stunning.

How long should my tie be?

As always, there is no universal law governing the ideal tie length for each and every occasion. However, we think that aiming to put the tip of the tie at the same height as your trouser waist is a good guideline that will never look bad. Don’t worry if the two points of the tie are at the same height, too much symmetry will make you look like a government official instead of the stylish gentleman that you are.

Which knots could you recommend?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to tie knots. Whether you prefer a windsor, pratt or four in hand is entirely up to you. As long as you stay away from those hideous Eldredge knots. We at Viola Milano prefer to tie our ties in a single or double four in hand. It is a simple, but very elegant knot that is suitable for almost every occasion and outfit.

Are there any rules as to matching my tie with my pocket square?

We strongly to advise to match your pocket square with the body color of the tie but never the same pattern & color for tie and pocket square.

Do I need to match my belt with my shoes?

In an ideal world you would get a matching belt with every shoe purchase, but for us mere mortals this is pretty far from reality. When it comes to matching your belt to your shoes, it is all about nuances and feel. We strongly suggest you match suede with suede, black with black and brown with brown. Other than that, much is up to the style of shoe and belt you are using. A pair of grain country brogues will go perfectly with that wide one piece leather belt with a hefty buckle, but a pair of handmade loafers might look out of place matched with the same belt. Matching the exact colour and tone of the shoes and belt is not essential, and doing so might even look a bit too perfect from time to time. The important part is that the colours and materials harmonize.

How do I care of my ties?

Besides making sure not to get any of that delicious pasta sauce on your tie, there are a few basics to proper tie care. Firstly, be gentle when untying your tie, yanking and pulling puts you at risk of tearing stitching and interlining apart, essentially ruining the tie. After carefully removing the tie, we suggest you either store it flat or rolled up. We advise against hanging your ties, as they might stretch and loose their shape if left hanging for long periods of time.


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Viola Milano

Premium luxury handmade ties and accessories for distinguished gentlemen