Unlined Luxury Handprinted Silk Dressing Gown – Navy Spot


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Handprinted Silk

Chinese legend has it that silk was first discovered by the beautiful concubine Lei Zu. She was drinking tea in a garden when some wild cocoons dropped in her bowl. As she tried to remove them, she saw the fine strings of silk that seemed to go on forever. While we cannot for certain say who discovered silk, we can trace its use back to ancient China. Via the silk route the material reached Europe where it became a luxury worthy of royalty. The lustre and delicate feel of silk make them ideal for smart outfits in any season.

The Dressing Gown

A man’s home is his castle – so what better to wear around the house than something fit for a king?
This dressing gown breathes luxury and old-world elegance, in part due to the beautiful hand of the handprinted silk. The beautiful Italian make lends an air of
It doesn’t matter whether you throw it over your shoulders when winding down after an all-night black-tie party, or if you wear it over your boxers after you’ve woken up the next morning. It’ll make you look great either way.