Classic Polka Dot Cashmere/Silk Foulard – Navy/White

Classic Printed Multi Pattern Cashmere/Silk Foulard Scarf

Fall/Winter Essential

* Made in Como, Italy

* Size: 70 X 70 cm

* Design: Classic Polka Dot

* Material: 70% Cashmere & 30% Silk


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The Foulard

Foulard is the French word for scarf, but our foulards are more than just a simple scarf. Designed to be worn around the neck in a nonchalant manner, they embody the spirit of la dolce vita dandyism. The 70% cashmere and 30% silk fabric helps elevate it beyond a mere protection against the elements on a chilly autumn morning. The cashmere gives a beautiful hand and warmth. The silk lends an air of luxury and sophistication.

Editor’s Note

A luxury Foulard could be the difference maker in your next outfit.
We see it as the ultimate option comparing to a tie if you would like to dress down without loosing the elegance in your outfit.

The Cashmere

Few words carry stronger connotations of luxury and elegance than cashmere. This extremely soft and breathable wool has been considered the ultimate luxury for centuries. Our soft wool is sourced from cashmere goats in Mongolia, and is then woven by a world class mill close to the beautiful Lago di Como in Italy. Our cashmere ties are as light as a cloud, and goes equally well with your flanell three piece in winter, as with the creme coloured linen suit in summer.